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Pool Maintenance FAQ

Why hire a professional pool care company?

Investing in a pool presents an excellent opportunity for you and your family to create memorable moments together. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor pool, regular maintenance is essential to guarantee clean water and a safe, durable structure. At Blue Shade Pools, we prioritize the use of industry-standard products that are both safe for your family and effective in maintaining the cleanliness and pristine condition of your pool water.

What pool maintenance services do you offer?

Our comprehensive range of pool maintenance services caters to both above-ground and in-ground pools. We provide the following services:

  • Weekly cleanings
  • Leak detection
  • Pool openings
  • Pool closings
  • Liner repairs and inspections
  • Water level and safety inspection and maintenance
  • Water mineral management
  • Algae management and removal

With our diverse range of pool maintenance services, you can trust us to keep your pool in excellent condition throughout the year, allowing you to fully enjoy its benefits.

Can you provide me with pool cleaning tips?

A considerable number of pool owners find themselves overwhelmed and lacking sufficient knowledge about proper pool care, which often leads to damaged or underutilized pools. We take pleasure in addressing all your inquiries and providing you with comprehensive education on proper pool care. Our aim is to empower you with the necessary knowledge to ensure that your pool remains durable and fully functional for the long term.

Do you offer off-season pool care?

It is often overlooked by many pool owners that maintaining your pool during the off-season is equally crucial as taking care of it during the warmer months. Giving proper attention to off-season pool care not only helps prevent expensive water and liner issues but also ensures a seamless pool opening when the warmer months arrive, allowing you and your family to fully enjoy your pool.

Off-Season Pool Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly inspect your filtration system to avoid water build-up. Accumulated water can freeze and expand, potentially leading to cracks in the pool liner
  • Keep your pool cover free of debris and leaves. Regularly clean and maintain the cover to prevent any unwanted substances from entering the pool.
  • Before opening the pool for the season, add chlorine to prevent algae growth as the weather gets warmer. This proactive measure helps maintain water clarity and cleanliness.
  • Ensure that the pool cover is securely fastened, with no sagging or loose corners. A properly fitted cover provides optimal protection for your pool.
  • Avoid the collection of rainwater or snow on the pool cover. Regularly remove any water or snow accumulation to prevent added weight and potential damage to the cover.


  • Consider using algaecide just before reopening the pool. This helps eliminate any existing or unnoticed algae in the water, ensuring a clean and clear pool for swimming.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively maintain your pool and ensure a pleasant and safe swimming experience.


Maximizing the enjoyment of your pool throughout the entire season is a priority for every pool owner. At Blue Shade Pools, we understand this desire and are committed to providing dedicated care and maintenance to ensure your pool remains in excellent condition. Our team of friendly pool experts is always available to address your inquiries and help you establish a tailored pool maintenance schedule that suits your specific needs. With our exceptional service and competitive pricing, choosing Blue Shade Pools as your year-round pool maintenance provider will undoubtedly leave you satisfied.