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Pool Cleaning

As a premier pool maintenance and cleaning specialist, we pride ourselves on delivering a customized and unparalleled service that caters to the unique needs and requirements of every pool owner. Our team of highly trained pool cleaning experts combined experience and is equipped to perform scheduled cleans on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Whether you oversee the management of a university gym with an Olympic-sized swimming pool or you’re a young family that has recently invested in an in-ground pool, we encourage you to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote or to conveniently schedule an appointment.


Deciding to invest in a swimming pool is a major choice. When maintained and cleaned effectively, it transforms into a valuable asset that provides years of joy for you and your loved ones. Nevertheless, achieving the highest standards of cleanliness for your pool demands expertise that extends beyond the capabilities of most pool owners. It’s not a task that can be easily managed by an individual alone. Instead, why not entrust the responsibility to pool maintenance professionals who possess the necessary expertise to handle all the work for you? You’ve put in the effort to have the pool of your dreams, so now it’s time to sit back, relax, and fully enjoy it.


There is a common misconception surrounding pool cleaning, with some believing that it is similar to tidying up a kitchen or bedroom, simply requiring physical effort and determination. However, the reality is that pool maintenance goes beyond just elbow grease and a positive attitude.


At Blue Shade Pools, our team of pool maintenance professionals are skilled technicians who understand the intricacies of optimizing your pool’s longevity. We employ advanced and trusted cleaning techniques to ensure its proper upkeep. These techniques include:

  • Cleaning the skimmer weir and the baskets within the skimmer.
  • Thoroughly scrubbing the pump basket.
  • Using thick bristled brushes to scrub above and just below the waterline.
  • Brushing the straight walls of the pool using an extended brush handle and pole.
  • Conducting monthly checks on the filter’s pressure gauge.
  • Backwashing the pool at least once a month to prevent water from turning green or developing algae.

By following these precise methods, we ensure that your pool remains in optimal condition and is not prone to common issues associated with improper maintenance. Trust our expertise to keep your pool clean, healthy, and ready for you to enjoy.

Pool Vacuuming

Having the right tools and equipment is essential for properly vacuuming your pool. At Blue Shade Pools, we are committed to utilizing advanced technology to give utmost attention to our customers’ pools. While automatic pool vacuum cleaners can be effective, we highly recommend manual pool cleaning with our skilled team at least once a month, especially during the busy summer months. Opting for manual cleaning allows our team to target dirt, leaves, and other debris that may be overlooked by automatic cleaners. Our tried and tested method involves using an industrial-length pole and a durable vacuum nozzle. With these tools in hand, our pool cleaning professionals can reach difficult areas and ensure a thorough vacuuming of your pool.

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